Thursday, December 01, 2005

snail's pace

i don't have an ipod. don't really want one either. i don't understand how they work - where do you get the music from? how do you pay for it? don't wanna pay for one, anyway. pretty satisfied with my cd's and portable cd player. i've been taking the bus this week cause until my car gets straight, i don't want to abuse it. the bus ain't so bad where i live now. little old people take it, so the bus is clean and quiet, not like how it was when i was living in the city and it was crowded, noisy, and funky. but anyway, i have rediscovered my cd player, which i haven't had much use for in some time. it helps me not miss the cd player i had installed in my car about this time last year cause i got tired of struggling with my thriller tape and radio mix tapes (remember those?) when the radio got on my nerves, LOL! i be walking down the street in the little quiet south jersey suburb i work in, listening to my cd player, matching my pace to the rhythm of the music, mouthing the words - i know those people think this black girl is crazy LOL! (i am! but) anyway, i would have posted a picture of the cd player that i could take with the digital camera that i just got (about 7-8 years after they started getting hot). but since i'm still working with dial-up, cause my cousin just told me it's under $20/month now, i don't feel like the hassle of trying to upload the picture over my telephone line. especially since i tried a few times to upload a picture that i took of myself today and it just wasn't working out. anyway, i'm also starting to buy cd's that i couldn't afford when i was a broke student. used, of course. (i'm not just slow on technology, i'm cheap, too.) so anyway, here goes my playlist of tracks - oops, i mean CD albums (and if you don't know what album means, ask your grandparents) that i've been cramming in my bag for the past week or so.

cece peniston - finally
leaders of the new school - t.i.m.e.
floetry - flo'ology
kelly price - mirror, mirror
the roots - phrenology
kindred the family soul - in this life together
tye tribbett & g.a. - life
p.m. dawn - the bliss album
kanye west - late registration
john p. kee - the color of music

when i grow up, i will have a better operating system than win98, high-speed internet, an ipod, a car that doesn't take vacations, a printer for my digital camera, and photoshop (which i had on my laptop, which is currently out of commission.) LOL! just describing my behind-the-curveness is really cracking me up... i'm just not in a rush to get this stuff. i have no overwhelming need for the toys. my writing and my peoples keep me from needing it so much... anyway, even though i refuse to go to philly for poetry without my car because of how late i would be out alone trying to get home, i am intent on having a good day today. i will just have to appreciate my favorite open mic that much more next thursday. (but if i'm lucky, i'll be driving by the afternoon...)