Tuesday, December 13, 2005

some other stuff

*this is the first of two blogs today - oh yeah, a double feature, like the matinee movies on the uhf stations on saturdays after the cartoons. so keep scrolling after some other stuff to the rest of today's blog*

5 random facts about glory:

i legally changed my middle name 'cause, doggone it, i just didn't like it. my mother, bless her heart, combined the names of two of her sisters to create it. now why did she do that? somewhere around 1986, i figured out that it was not the hotness. so once i became an adult, and after years of keeping the middle name on the hush, i got this attorney i was working for to change it for me. it is now my paternal great-grandmother's first name, but because some famous recently married actor uses it instead of his first name (it's his middle name too), when people hear it, they immediately think of him. i can't win either way, LOL! in any case, in her heart, my middle name is still that thing she came up with.

i do not have any pets. i will not have any pets until i own my own humble abode. the last pet i had and loved was given away because the place i was moving to (my parents' house) had a strict no cats policy. that hurt. so because i am renting right now, i don't even have fish. a pet will be my second reward after moving into my own place.

i am an only child. which is not particularly interesting, since plenty of people are only children. but since i'm on the subject, i guess this is the point where a reader may think, "so then she is spoiled and likes to get her own way." mm hmm. well... in fact, i do like to get my own way, but who doesn't? the spoiled part? negative. the folks weren't the spoiling type. i started making my own money at twelve, being responsible for getting my own stuff before i left home for school, and was independent by 19. (we're going to ignore that i moved back home for grad school and had to re-liberate myself again at 23 'cause um... that's besides the point.) but i will say this, being an only child was good preparation for the independence that i live now, but it's probably the reason why i want at least 2-3 children of my own.

sometimes when i wake up on an exceptionally cold or exceptionally damp morning, my back hurts. riiiiiiiight down near the crack. when i was 12 i was on my way to a softball game, or was it practice - man, i don't know - when i slipped down the first 4 or 5 of the 13 wooden, uncarpeted stairs in our rowhouse. then i stopped falling, got fully upright and managed to slip again down the remaining stairs. my coccyx, which is the tailbone at the bottom of the spine, hit each and every step with all my weight (which wasn't much, but it was enough to permanently fracture that bone). one of my teammates/new double dutch partners brought some friends to visit and make me feel better while i was sentenced to sitting on a donut pillow, and so began my trio of best friends that i have to this day. doctor said my body would adjust to the new shape of the bone, and i guess it did, even though it doesn't feel like it when it snows overnight outside.

i don't drink. people who know me know this. but some folks don't know why. i have a few reasons. first, as a child i was inspired by the story of samson. lots of people remember that he couldn't cut his hair. but i noticed that he didn't drink either, and that the abstinence was a way that he showed how devoted he was to God. that didn't last me through adulthood, though, especially since i always knew that God loves people who get their buzz on, too. stronger reasons happened to me later - i learned, over the years, about the devastation that alcoholism played on members of my own family. then i heard about tolerance and how genetics can play a factor. i thought, why acquire a taste and conduct experiments to find out if i could hold my own or if i would lose my damn mind? i could be a disaster waiting to happen. a simple "no thanks, got any water/juice," will suffice for the rest of my life. as a result, i get to make sure my friends get home safe, i've never had a hangover, and i've never made a fool of myself and not remembered what happened.

folks, you owe these five random things about me to will. at whom i would throw some inanimate object if my arm and the aerodynamics would make that throw across north jersey and the river possible. instead, now it's these five folks' turn to be mad at me - tag! you're it!

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