Friday, December 23, 2005

mini vacay

i'll holla at cha round about tuesday. thank you for reading this blog, checking this blog, putting links to this blog on your sites, leaving comments on this blog, emailing me about the blog... i appreciate all of that. if i have no audience, there doesn't need to be a glory-i-am blog - shoooooot, i have a diary. LOL! i also want to thank the blog folks that i read for what you write. it entertains me, educates me, inspires me, and increases me - so thank you. (i don't feel like getting my shout out on, nor do i feel like leaving anyone out, so let it suffice to say that if i've left a comment on your blog, i'm talking to YOU, and if i haven't, i'll make sure to do so to let you know i've come to visit). i don't know what you celebrate, but celebrate it well. walk in your (or find your) faith, not because it's the holiday season, but because faith should be the cornerstone of a balanced and purposeful life, and who wants to waste their breath? i sincerely hope that anyone reading this will not feel left out of the joy of family, friends, and faith. travelers, be safe. lovers, put a hat on. givers, give from the heart so that you don't get mad if you get back a present that somebody bought at the car wash, like one of those little scented trees or naked girl mud flaps or lime green fuzzy dice. receivers, happy receiving! and may your Creator bless each of you.

merry christmas. or happy holidays - y'all know what i mean.