Tuesday, December 20, 2005

coltrane how comes

*two entries, so don't miss the second one - glory-i-am overflowing today...*

how come i wonder if jive turkey is really something that real folks useta really say
how come i am now addicted to myspace
how come as if i needed another dayum addiction
how come insomnia is not the hotness
how come neither is emotional eating
how come i wonder if it's the holidays or something else
how come i wonder why i said that when i know exactly what it is
how come i promise myself i will go to sleep at a decent hour this evening
how come i am so feeling my new poem "instead"
how come the rush of creativity that comes with new and unexpected inspiration never gets old
how come it's not as good as sex (i've heard)
how come i don't know if it's like when you get high but
how come it's pretty gravity defying and awe inspiring
how come i ache for the stage right now despite my zombie state
how come it was worth it cause if i had been in bed the piece would not have happened
how come i woke up surrounded by amber brilliance and it kept me from quitting today
how come my future home of choice must get good natural light in as many rooms as possible
how come i hate money
how come i want what i hate and worse yet
how come i need what i hate
how come my cousin's baby girl brings me back to solid ground and gives me joy and hope
how come there is always music in my head, like background music that happens like thought
how come mixes, samples, and original compositions are happening more and more often
how come in my head i take themes and expound on them, like the bass line i am creating as i write this
how come i been using my teeth to tap out an imaginary improvised drum solo all morning
how come i been doing that ever since the earliest youth i can remember
how come sometimes when i am singing, the drums of my teeth interfere with the singing
how come cookie for you if you understood the last how come
how come i don't play the drums at all but wish i knew how
how come add that to piano, guitar, and turntables
how come aha! you didn't know that about me...
how come i am happy about this creative frenzy i am in
how come it is a little overwhelming and i don't know what to think about it
how come nevertheless i am excited about my next poem although
how come i don't even know what it will be about
how come creativity is my raison d'etre today and without it
how come i would be hiding under the covers at home
how come i never took french