Wednesday, November 30, 2005

what's good?

i am inspired by my parents' 30+ year marriage. i am inspired by my friend's work

i am


ethic and tenacity that has her being a sister ceo - founder, publisher, editor, head of a non-profit - wow. i am inspired by my anonymous friend's hustle to get to spread constructive messages to as many stages as possible, and producing music and writing advice columns and whatnot. both folks while working for the man... (but not for long, i'm sure!) so proud of them... i am inspired by the willingness of friends and family members to help me when my car needs a new alternator and transmission adjustments and i need rides to and from the shop. i am inspired by innovative new music that shows me that people still value creativity and talent. i am inspired by the community organizations in camden that are changing the world by enabling real people to have homeownership and helping to poise my city for healthy urban life. i am inspired by having gotten this far and knowing that i have my youth and talents to pull on as resources. i am inspired by the knowledge i soak up by reading for the overwhelming majority of my days. i am inspired to see good men i know out there searching for the "her" that they are most

it helps me


compatible with, cause it helps me believe that my good man believes that i exist somewhere, which is good, 'cause here i am. i am inspired by what i learned about the egyptians on tv last night. building those pyramids without the wheel or batteries, or electricity or gas, but with engineering that we still can't figure out today. i am inspired by readers' comments on my writing (not just on this blog). they let me know that i do have the ability to express things that we share in a way that taps someone on the shoulder and says, "yeah, you're not alone." to me, writing - any communication - bridges the gap from body to body, mind to mind, soul to soul, and somehow affirms our presence, because if i am thinking and feeling, and someone else is thinking and feeling, whatever connection between us comes out of that makes each of us less

growing a bit

each day

alone, and makes each "other' person that much more real and relevant, worthy of recognition, respect, and love. to be an instrument of building those bridges humbles me and makes me proud all at once, and makes me feel useful and happy in a way that other things do not. i am so very inspired by that. i am inspired by the jazz station that i am listening to - that people still have an appetite for jazz music is encouraging. i am inspired by the artwork in my room - one of which i painted myself. and i am so inspired by the new growth on my wandering jew plant. i rooted it such a short time ago - potted it such a short time ago, and here is new growth coming out of the dirt, growing a visually noticeable bit every single day! how amazing! i can't imagine what it felt like to create existence, but if watching this plant grow is any indicator - how much more inspired can you get? that's good...