Tuesday, November 15, 2005

she picks her nose

glory picks her nose when no one is looking. she uses profanity. sometimes she uses profanity a lot. she's not a virgin either. she really really likes sex a lot. don't let her discretion fool you. she wouldn't ever want to be called a freak or disrespected based on her healthy appetite, but um, yeah... glory doesn't go to church every sunday. as a matter of fact, she only goes to church when she feels like it. and get this: it's not because she isn't a faithful person. she just likes sleeping in on sundays. and she likes staying out late on saturday nights. glory often wears clothes more than once before putting them in the hamper. and sometimes she goes weeks without doing laundry. she is the worst procrastinator that she knows.
and glory is a hypocrite because she will dance to music that goes against everything she claims to stand for. she always sounds like she's all down for uplifting the black race and ever

a damn shame
ything but she has yet to do community service that impacts any one person for any longer than a short period of time. glory is hard headed. and sometimes irreverent. rude. politically incorrect when maybe she shouldn't be and politically correct when it's most annoying to be. she talks over top of other people before they finish because she has no patience. she gives unsolicited advice even though she knows better. sometimes glory will eat ice cream for dinner. glory sometimes is amused by the smell of her own flatulence. that's a damn shame. glory prides herself on her honesty but sometimes she still doesn't know how to be bold with the truth when it matters most. glory has road rage. and violent tendencies. which is funny because she really has no desire to get into it with anyone (coward!)
vain heffa...

glory thinks she can write. vain heffa... she's too picky with men. and judgmental in general. she can't stand how her father thinks he knows everything yet to hear her get on a soapbox, it's obvious that she is just like him. sometimes glory lies by omission and creative truth telling. and she knows better. she lets her dishes sit in the sink overnight. and if she doesn't feel like taking a shower, she doesn't until she feels like it. sometimes glory makes promises with the best of intentions and just doesn't keep them because of her own agenda or because she was overreaching in the first place. glory's need to get along with everyone and do good to everyone and extend love to everyone just might be more narcissistic than altruistic - jury's still out on that one. glory is lazy. glory doesn't take care of her car like she should, but will be the first one to play "woe is me" when it stops running and she catches a car payment like how r. kelly catches cases. oh yeah, sometimes glory thinks she's funny and she isn't. but when she's not trying to be funny, people laugh. at her, not with her. (she's paranoid, too.) glory is always fronting like she's harder, less sensitive, and more aggressive than she is - she really needs to stop but old habits die hard. what's worse, she loves herself in spite of (because of) all these things (and others she won't allow herself to mention while referring to herself in the third person).