Friday, November 11, 2005

try it

if i was given the opportunity to say something to other black people in this country, and i was somehow guaranteed that my words would be heard and heeded by all, based on what i am feeling today, this is what i would say:

it's okay to love yourself. maybe your surroundings or circumstances don't tell you what you want to hear. but that's okay because within you lies the ability to tell yourself love, tell yourself strength, tell yourself potential, tell yourself power, tell yourself happiness, tell yourself safety, tell yourself to dream.

it's okay to dream. it's okay to love your neighbor. it's okay to open the door to trusting other people. close it if need be, but nothing beats a failure but a try. try to forgive those brothers and sisters who have hurt you. try to forgive yourself for hurting others. try to believe that the way things are now haven't always been this bleak (because they haven't - once upon a time, we spoke to each other when we passed in the streets, and once upon a time, we checked in on our neighbors, and once upon a time we pooled our resources so that not one of us would fall by the wayside).

tell yourself to dream...

try to believe that we can reclaim and renew and redirect our love toward each other. try to believe that that would change us for the better. that that would change our world. just try it. don't dismiss it off hand. have faith in whatever it is (you know what It is) that has us all still standing here after all our ancestors went through. have faith.

believe that we can learn, we can achieve, that we won't tear each other down, that we have the ability to disassociate poor from apathetic, and money from true success, and fear from respect.

it's okay. just try it.

just try considering what our ancestors would think, what would they do - they got us this far, let's expound on their persevering vision and strength. just try considering what our children have to look forward to, what they need from us, and how much better we can provide for them. just think about it.

i know we can.

you have to know we can.

if we all know we can, imagine the outcome. let go of fears and reservations and doubts and just imagine the outcome.

and then, as one of my favorite bloggers might be apt to say, THINK IT HAPPEN. make it happen. do it happen. prove it happen.

on a another note, may all my beloved sorors of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. have a productive and happy founder's day tomorrow, as we continue to think/make/do/prove it happen. thank you for counting humble me amongst your ranks of those who have the vision to implement greater service and greater progress. luh y'all.