Sunday, November 20, 2005

weekend not wasted

have you ever played monday morning quarterback on your weekend? or felt like it went by too quickly - so quick you can't imagine what you got out of it?

this weekend i managed to get lost.
which made me late.
for two separate meetings.

i think i need gps in my car. it's a shame i'm too paranoid to get it. if i ever need to get away, they can track me... (says the genius who would probably forget to throw the cell phone, a.k.a. homing device, out the window while on the getaway mission...)

i actually like getting lost while i'm driving. that's how i learn new stuff like shortcuts and where that place is that i've heard of but have never seen before. forgetting for a moment that being late was embarrassing both times, forgetting that i was disappointed in myself for having been late, and forgetting for a moment that the second time was especially annoying because i was simultaneously hungry and running out of gas, getting lost was cool. i have a good sense of direction, as in which direction i was coming from before i got lost, and a decent sense of north, south, east, and west. but city blocks have slants that go north north east, or west south west for example. or you can follow a number street in a grid system that won't let you go from a to b without some twists and turns.

i'm pleasantly tired...
or you can know two highways are parallel and try to drive between them to get from one to the other, but maybe there isn't an on-ramp where you think one should be. kind of a metaphor for a lot of other things, but anyway, since this post is getting out of control and i am reminding myself of O, let me get to the rest of the weekend. LOL!

i got my face painted at camden family day where i "volunteered." (they already had too many volunteers by the time i showed up so there was nothing much for me to really do - but i hung around anyway and pitched in where i could.) i usually get a butterfly but this time i got a sun. i witnessed a virtual mob scene where they were giving out free books. i wish all the people who have umpteenth negative things to say about camden could have been there to see the excitement on those kids' and parents' faces as they left with as many books as they could handle. i was one of them. my cousin's kids could use some books, so don't think i wasn't digging superfudge, the mouse and the motorcycle, roll of thunder hear my cry, and biographies on black people out of the piles of free books. don't assume that we don't want our children to have knowledge or that we don't care about them. don't assume our kids can't read or don't want to read.

i helped a friend and some others brainstorm for this wonderful project she has going and growing. i am so proud of her - first for the project itself, and second for having the wisdom to know that it's good to ask for help sometimes. handled some business with the sorors. got some time to spend with friends and cousins. my baby cousin's parents don't know it yet, but i'm going to adopt her one day. i also hung out with my "fake" nieces who are really my best friend's nieces. pure joy being around their little honest faces! oh yeah, and i got some new sweaters and jeans. can never have enough skin tight blues. i got my oil changed and my tire patched and my transmission fluid checked (cause he ain't running right - and yeah, i said "he" not "she"). my baby has to go in the shop. not looking forward to being car-less while i get him worked on. but it will happen in the next week or so. nj transit here i come...

i flirted a bit with the cashier when i made groceries today. shameful, i know, but he was cute. and yeah i said "made" groceries. shaddup. new jersey notwithstanding, i am a bit southern and country by legacy - get me angry (or around another southern accent) and watch that virginia vernacular play out on my chameleon tongue... LOL! my parents aren't coming for the holiday, but i am still cooking a small pot roast, candy yams, baked macaroni and cheese, collards and kale, and of course, sweet potato pie. it'll be too much food for just me, but i'm sure i'll find somebody to eat it. friends will come by. and/or maybe i can take some plates to some people. but i won't feel right unless my house smells like food and my windows are all steamed up on thursday. thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. i'm looking forward to the cooking and the eating. i'm a part of at least three families around here, so i'll be sampling and driving all day thursday (provided my baby is feeling better).

felt a little down after i got the groceries home and carried them upstairs to my place by myself. unloading my car without help always has that effect on me. i put the groceries away and mused awhile... and then some afro-cuban jazz
shaking it, breaking it, sashaying it
on the radio had me up, shaking it, breaking it, sashaying it - whirling and leaping around the room doing my best impression of someone who knew what she was doing, and just like that, the lil' spell was over. i'm pleasantly tired from the weekend. grateful for every experience i had, and every blessing i was able to take advantage of. and not mad that i have to go work tomorrow. i have to pay the costs of these weekends. this luxurious life ain't cheap - gas, food, leisure time, general overhead - it all costs money, so i have to work. so went my weekend. not wasted. spent with loved ones doing things i love to do - service, socializing, quality time with the friends and fam, shaking my booty, and uh, getting lost.