Monday, October 03, 2005


funny how there are some things you know cerebrally... but you don't really know them know them until you live some life and pay attention to the things that are going on and the reasons why they are happening. seriously, if i didn't take the time out to reflect on the experiences i have by writing or meditating on a regular basis, i would truly be missing out on so much personal growth. as the result of one weekend, i can pick out a few standouts...

communication is important.
in the absence of honest and open communication, assumptions can really steer you in a bad direction. under the awning of honest and open communication, the most amazing knowledge might be opened to you... and life could get happier...

every new moment and every new breath brings the opportunity for change.
we are autonomous creatures, and those of us with able minds and bodies who are able to disregard fear have a myriad of opportunities available, with which we can effect change in our own lives and the lives of others. stagnancy is a result of choice. change is inevitable, but being proactive takes the realization that we can steer the direction of this inevitable change.

change shouldn't always be entered into lightly.
i am an emotional creature and sometimes i want what i want. but thank God He gave me the ability back up and think. cause for real, impulsiveness ain't cute sometimes. i had this great idea... and then i thought it through... and realized maybe i needed to pump my brakes and with good reason. the Word says there is a time for everything under the sun. an appropriate season....

sometimes willfulness and determination are more trouble than they are worth.
see the above. could i make it happen now? yeah. does that mean i should make it happen now? no.

you never know the impact you can have on someone else's life, even when you're not paying attention, so tread carefully and lovingly through this life.
found out today that someone thinks highly enough of me that something i must have done or some way i must have acted has told this person that i could be of useful help to them. i am honored that they noticed something good in me. when i wasn't even thinking about showing something good in me. what's interesting is the flip side of this. i wonder how many times somebody has noticed something bad in me cause i wasn't even thinking about it. i guess i need to try to remember to offer my best self as often as i can, cause i never know who i may help or hinder through my actions.

i like realizing that certain people i know make me want to be my best self - those are the people i need to keep in my life.
i like the me that i become when i am around certain people. people whose energy and whose concern for my welfare makes me try to project positive energy and value my own welfare. people whose presence puts me on my p's and q's. you know, they just inspire me to be nicer, more generous, more creative, more beautiful. i need to keep people like that around me. then i can feed off of them and they can feed off of me and we can become superpeople! LOL

not being alone is good. being alone is good. having the opportunity to balance both is priceless.
this weekend i had the distinct pleasure of spending a lot of time alone, writing and reading my poems, spiritually cleaning house, listening to music, praise dancing by myself, getting down to james brown by myself - stuff i can't usually get lost in when i ain't by myself. i am so thankful for that time! just like i am thankful that i spent hours on the phone with my mommy. and hours hanging out with my best friends. not being alone is good, too. no (wo)man is an island.

never overlook the wisdom of respecting your blessings.
i almost forgot how great my life is cause i got to thinking about what it could be. silly rabbit. my life is really really great. i am really abundantly blessed. really.

love is the point. the point is love. the purpose is the knowledge and understanding of what it is to love.
this came to me in the fuzziness of just waking up and letting my mind go wherever it was sposed to end up on saturday. i wrote pages in my diary about it. months from now, i'll page back to it and see if what i wrote still rings true about it, and if not, i spose i'll flesh it out some more...