Wednesday, October 26, 2005

spreading the word (lowercase w)

i ain't had no decent rest cause i been on some insomniac kick. got like two hours sleep in the wee hours of tuesday morning before work. how bout that is not cute? how bout i'm trying to figure out why i didn't fall asleep earlier tonight, instead of staying awake, blogging in the inaugural hour of wednesday, acting like my vision ain't getting impaired. LOL! i think i got to that point where you're just running off of straight adrenaline. you know how lil' kids get when they fightin' sleep - rubbing their eyes and finding stuff to do to keep from crashing. which is why i'm writing aimlessly right now. but see, i have to write every day. every. day. putting words together to paint pictures is no less important to me now than brushing my teeth. and this surprises me. yeah, i know i'm imaginative and creative and piscean and stuff - yadda yadda yadda. but there's a difference between casual interest and passion, and i'm becoming acquainted with the nuances of that difference.

and it's a little scary. because the enthusiasm i have for writing poems and prose and filling in my blank journal and blogging is just more than i expected, and it's certainly not something that i'd planned on. the feedback i get from family, friends, and strangers encourages me to keep expressing myself. and beyond the quest for communicating well, there's definitely an emotional element to this development in my life - sometimes the blank paper or the blank screen is such a friend - my welcome listener who never gives me grief. and after i pour out the contents of my mind, i can see things in what i've written that help me sort it all out and understand myself and the world better.

y'all should see me gushing about it. trying to convert the willing. "do you write? have you tried it? you know what, seriously, it is so good for you - no, seriously, you really should try it if you get a minute." next thing you know i'ma have people ducking and running the other way when they see me coming, like when i used to grudgingly turn my saturday morning cartoons down when strangers knocked on the door. but imagine how tickled i was when three of my friends created blogs yesterday after checking out mine - i feel like the more, the merrier!

anyway, i'ma try to get some sleep like i got some daggone sense. may the creative force be with you!