Thursday, October 06, 2005

the o'jays were wrong

there is this song, that i am sure is older than me, that i love. when the o'jays cut "living for the weekend" they were really on to something. but they were wrong. at least in my case.

i ain't living for the weekend. i like the weekend, don't get me wrong. being off from work with impunity is never, ever, a bad thing. but my week revolves around THURSDAY. (happy thursday, world!)

why thursday? it's not payday... the cosby show and a different world have ended over a decade ago... gotta go to work friday morning, so you can't act a fool all night...

why thursday? because thursday is open mic night. YAAAAAY!!!! open mic night is so important to me that when i crafted my new october's resolution schedule to kill procrastination, i crammed all seven days of my week into six so that i could wile out and do whatever i wanted to do on thursday. man, if you don't know, you betta ask somebody. i love me some thursday. the whole day at work is so much better, because i have the evening to look forward to. i get to go home, shed my work persona, put on my own persona, grab my marble composition notebook with the binding falling all apart, and go be around some black people around my age who want to share their art and who ain't trying to get in a fight and mess stuff up for everybody else. i get all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it.

not to say that there aren't places to go during the rest of the week. it's just the thursday crowd is a lil' bigger and a lil' louder (and a lil' more liquored up, which translates into more fun cause a lil' juice gets people a lil' loose).

i wonder if i can get eddie an' 'nem (who is that new boy in the o'jays? looking like he my age? i ain't saying he can't sing but shouldn't he be at least 50? you know, to match the rest of the group?) - anyway, i wonder if i can get eddie an' 'nem to cut a remake just for me: *singing off key* "living for thurs-daaaaaay, (dun dun dun) living for thurs-daaaaay (dun dun dun), living for thurs-daaaaay... cause that's when i pa-arty dow-own (down down down), dow-own (down down down), dow-own (down down down), dow-own (down down down)..."