Tuesday, October 25, 2005

where's my theme music???

today i am wearing, among other things, my glasses. which make me look smart and mature. which i have hated passionately since 1987. the glasses which have been on punishment since 1992 when i got my much treasured contact lenses. the glasses which i only wear when i haven't gotten enough sleep the night before or my spring hay fever is outta control. the glasses which are confusing people at my job. which helps me understand that lois lane may not be as out of step with most people as i always thought she was. which makes me want to create another identity for the glory i am with glasses on.

what is that?
a bird?
a plane?
it's geeky girl to the rescue! sharper than a sharpie marker! quicker than your stinging-est paper cut! able to leap tall thoughts in a single bound - it's that geek with the glasses on!

where's my theme music?