Monday, March 06, 2006

twenty questions

is it really laziness if i had to get up, walk to the car, drive to the fast food joint, drive home, and walk from the car?

isn't it nerve racking when you have to look back and wonder if you handled it right and you know that only time will tell?

isn't it strange that after all the drawing, painting, reading, and writing, i never considered pursuing a creative career until after i painted myself into this corner and am forced to watch the paint dry before stepping out?

why do they manufacture those little cola/root beer/other/dr p/diet bubbles on the lids of your drink, when the people never push those little bubbles down to let people know what's what?

how come i keep missing gre.y's ana.tomy then when i force myself to finally get it together, they put on the stinkin' oscars?

why are corduroy pants so much cuter now than they were twenty years ago?

why the rush to grow up?

why the hesitation to grow up?

why are dreams so hard sometimes?

why am i having serious doubts about my ability to pull out from the life i depend on to keep me happy in order to take a supposedly much-needed hiatus?

what will be my first destination when i finally travel away from the east coast of the mainland?

why is it so disappointing that i know that i can sing, but i simultaneously know that i can't sing?

how come i suspect that it's not philly itself that i love so much as it is that i just love urban living?

why is the news full of people who are supposedly normal one day and completely wacked out on the next?

why did writing and editing those articles for the paper on sunday give me more satisfaction than anything else i do besides maybe eating a good meal?

how come getting a puppy would be too much responsibility for me right now, and maybe ever?

didn't james say, "i don't know karate, but i know ka-razor," and not "ka-razy" like everybody keeps saying?

why is it so hard to come up with twenty questions?

did you notice before now that i only came up with nineteen of them?