Wednesday, March 01, 2006


before i take this leap of faith and try to float on this dream of mine, i have to pay my dues and build a just-in-case plan. that way i'll know that if i fail (and i don't intend to) it was because i misunderstood the clues which are persuading me to take this leap in the first place (and i don't think that i am), and not because i screwed myself by acting without thinking. just like when i worked two jobs and saved every extra penny, and planned, and plotted, to relocate when i could tell that my heart was hundreds of miles away (and i'm glad i prepared, and i know my heart is here, and i am much happier), i must do the same thing now. use the sense the Sustainer gave me to leap bolder and stronger and farther, if for no other reason than i know i did my part. i fulfilled my obligations, accounted for my loose ends, cleared the air, and had only to look forward and leap forward without worrying about any messes left behind. and knowing that my welfare on the other end of that leap is beyond my control and in His just, loving, and capable hands.