Monday, March 06, 2006

impromptu meme

from cool ac:

Accent: when i'm mad, virginia. when i'm actin' out, south jersey. when it's about the ends, especially on the phone, regionless newscaster
Bra size : why am i filling this meme out again?
Chore I hate: washing dishes
Dad's name: dad
Essential make-up: drugstore eyeliner and mascara
Favorite perfume: egyptian musk oil
Gold or Silver: neither but if i had to choose, silver
Hometown: ummm among the contenders... let's go with camden, nj
Insomnia: yup
Job Title: that's g-14 classified
Kids: ask the husband i haven't married yet
Living Arrangement: no roommates for me
Mom's Birthplace: camden, nj
Number of Sexual Partners: no, really, why am i filling this out, again?
Overnight Hospital Stays: none
Phobia: not heights, but falling. ferris wheel and airplanes and elevators goooood. roller coasters, skydiving, and rock climbing baaaad.
Quote: keep living
Religion: nondenominational, nonconformist Christian
Siblings: i'm the oldest and the youngest
Two I'm tagging: two people that want to do it too
Unnatural hair colors I've worn: bright bright browny reddy - it's gone
Vegetable I refuse to eat: brussels sprouts
Worst habit: procrastinating
X-rays: at the dentist. yeah, and that time i broke my booty bone
Yummy foods: fried plantains, pizza, chinese shrimp and broccoli, steak burritos, sweet potato pie, baked macaroni and cheese, homemade cookies, brey.ers strawberry, fried potatoes, chicken parmigiana, fried chicken, pound cake, collards and kale, gumbo... funny i love this stuff but only eat it occasionally
Zodiac sign: pisces