Friday, March 10, 2006


it's just better - i can tell the difference. my skin radiates and my hair swells with pride. my hips switch sexier. my gait is easier, 'cause i'm not rushing to get in the car or rushing to get in the door. my smile is simply seen more often.

it's warm outside y'all. it's warm in my house. and it makes all the difference.

i thought about my spring and summer clothes with delicious anticipation this morning as i ironed my pants for work. my dark pants. the pants that hide what my mama gave me to keep me warm. i can't wait to pull out the sundresses and the low-rise shorts and the skirts that accentuate every note of my hips' song... for a fleeting moment i was disappointed though, 'cause i know warm weather ain't all there is to it - you have to wait for the weather to set in good. and folks, i don't care what the thermostat says, it's still winter. the solstice is still a few weeks away. it's still too cold to go outside at night without a jacket. still too cold to put the air conditioner boxes in the windows or flip that central air from heat to a/c. and it's definitely, definitely too dayum cold to wear track shorts, like miss thing was doing at the grocery store last night, where i briefly stopped to get some ripe plantains, croutons, refried beans and butter. i looked at the child and just shook my head, thinking my mother's thoughts: "at this rate, that child is going to be sick and then wonder why." (i swear i'm turning into this mutant of half-mom and half-dad, which isn't so bad considering who i'm talking about, but i do wonder, how much of me am i, anyway?)

my summer clothes will remain in their storage container on the upper shelf of the closet next to my shoeboxes, virtually forgotten. shoot, at least until palm sunday. at least until the sun stays with us 'til about 7 - 7:30 at night. at least almost 'til the first thunderstorm. even though my cousin is thinking about having a barbecue tomorrow, LOL! i've never been to a barbecue with a pair of jeans and a long-sleeved sweater before, but i'm willing to try it to get me some good pasta salad, cold grape soda, and my first grilled meat of the year. and that little taste of what's to come should last me, at least until i pull that storage container down from the closet.

despite my enthusiasm and preference for warm weather (if not for my love for the northeastern pace of things, i would probably be living in the deep south somewhere), i don't despise winter. i won't miss it, mind you, but it has its place. i've lived on the east coast my whole life, so i've always had four seasons, and i wouldn't have it any other way. there is nothing like the first beautiful snowfall. just like there's nothing like the thrill of the first warm days of weather, the first super green buds on plants, or the first smell of warm rain... and these are gifts that i only experience because of the gift of winter. so i'll tolerate it a few more weeks.

but in due time, baby tees and sandals, here i come!!!