Tuesday, March 28, 2006


sometimes you get superseded. plan though you may, sometimes your plans get changed for you, whether or not you want them to change... then you have a choice. you can go with the change and be miserable, or go with the change and be optimistic. either way, if you plan on getting up the next day and breathing, the change is going to be there, and you will have to live with it.

something happened. my plans got changed for me. and after some ranting and pouting and sulking, i decided to try to embrace the change. to try to be optimistic about the change. one day, perhaps i'll look back and be happy that things have happened this way. i like my peace of mind, so i'ma try to keep it. maybe the cuttings i made from my plant didn't enjoy being severed from their parent plant. if plants hurt, i'm sure those scissors hurt it. and now the nutrients are coming to the cutting differently. the cutting is probably depending on photosynthesis for life now more than it ever did as part of the main plant, which had nutrients stored in the roots, and water stored up in the soil. i'm thinking that if my cutting had emotions, it would be mad about the change. but it should be okay. it's got sunlight and water. and it's got an innate thirst for life. it'll grow roots. and one day, it'll be back in dirt. it'll be okay, change in plans notwithstanding.

i'ma try to grow some roots in these new plans. try to remain faithful in my Source. try to let my thirst for life be the bridge that my tendency toward impatience needs to make the adjustment.