Thursday, September 01, 2005

unruly n*ggas, unruly media. yo chris rock, i'm looking over my shoulder for both.

have y'all been paying attention to how the looters are being portrayed?

did y'all know that black people loot, but white people find?

and let's not forget the shots of brothers and sisters with tv's and tennis shoes - ahem - sneakers, and reports of them with ak47s. the truth is, yes, the majority of the people left in new orleans are black and poor (because they couldn't get themselves out on their own means - you try driving a car when you don't have one or paying for sold out plane/amtr.ak/gre.yho.und tickets with money you don't have). the only people they show looting will be people who are left in new orleans. so it follows that the majority of the people looting in new orleans, and captured on film looting in new orleans, will be black and poor.

that's just probability.

but, lest you think i have lost my mind, of course i believe that the media is showing what they think viewers will be moved by seeing - n*ggas with nikes and automatic weapons. that's sensational. if it bleeds, it leads - or more aptly - if it scares, the media cares. america's worst nightmare is happening - our tv's show the lawlessness allowing big black bucks and eye-rolling black heffas pillaging - downright showing their a*ses, supposedly justifying racist treatment and all the negative stereotypes of black folks, and making it so hard for rescue efforts that rescue missions are taking a backseat to Operation: Clamp Down on the Unruly N*ggas.

i would like to thank the media for always rising admirably to the occasion, never missing a beat when it comes to affirming mainstream america's worst fears about "the darker race."

i would also like to thank the ignorant a*ses who think they're going to be able to do something with a water logged big screen tv when there ain't no damn electricity, along with their comrades, the a*sholes who are scaring the rescuers, doctors, and refugees alike with gunshots.

come on up here and get your This-Is-Why-Glory-Believes-In-Public-A*s-Whuppings award. let me show you exactly how much i appreciate what you do to affect our collective faith in the human family.

i am really ashamed right now.