Friday, September 02, 2005

i missed janet's boob. but i saw this...

y'all i was minding my own business, waking up from a nap, and one of those talented marsalis brothers and harry connick were finishing some beautiful song on nbc's hurricane relief show that's going on live, right now.

then mike myers and kanye west appeared to put in their pleas for help. i don't even remember what mike myers said, something about giving - the stuff we all (should) know and plan to do already if we haven't already done it. he spoke pointedly. i do remember that kanye spoke about helping out as well. helping other black people. he came out his mouth first about how he hated the media for their coverage of white finders and black looters. how he was guilty of shopping before donating, but that now he is asking his business manager to find out and inform him of how much he can afford to give to help. he said we need to give to the poor people. the black people. because they have given the okay to shoot us. look, dude was obviously rambling off the cuff - i'm a smart one and he lost me for a second, lol... anyway, then the camera cuts off of the shot of them and shows some coverage of the tragedy for a few moments. i'd say that things seemed to be going ok enough so far...

then the camera shows mike and kanye again. mike says a few more of the expected words you'd use to drum up compassion. and kanye says a few more, obviously still rambling off the cuff. then this man says, like he's stealing cookies out the jar, like he's telling the teacher the truth about her ugly wig, like he better get it out because this is live tv, like he's the little black boy in the "that's racist" icon, that

"george bush doesn't care about black people!"

all momentum in the show just stopped. LOL. i think kanye's pause was supposed to put the responsibility for speaking back on mike myers. mike looked like kanye hit him on the back of the neck like will used to hit carlton on the fresh prince. dude took a second to ask himself if he just heard what he thinks he heard on live tv and then commences to turn not his head, but his whole body around to kanye like, "WTF?!?! THIS MF..."

i could "hear" the director in the control room saying oh snap - end scene! onto the next celebrities, please - let's get just this N*gga off the screen, hurry!!! ROFL! and that's exactly what they did. my stomach hurts soooooo bad from laughing... i LOVE live television.