Tuesday, September 06, 2005


i was sooooo spoiled over the weekend. first with the beautiful weather. i cleaned my whole place from top to bottom, rearranged the bedroom and redecorated the bathroom. i love being at home sometimes. it is my corner of the universe, and it is as peaceful or as jumping as i ever want it to be, when i want it to be that way.

i got to spend some time with one of my two best friends, and found myself in awe that we are adults. i don't know how that happened to us, but it did. and i think i'm finally no longer mad at myself for turning into an adult.

i got my laundry done that night too. which is a major accomplishment, considering i've once been desperate enough to buy new drawls just to keep from having to go to the laundromat. i HATE the laundromat with a passion. i can't wait until i can do my own laundry in my own machine in my own house. but i can't complain about that too much, cause i'm too busy being high off my great weekend...

sunday was the best day i've had in a long long time. when i woke up the sunshine was screaming through the window - wake up girl, you got life to live! and i talked to my mommy on the phone, put away my laundry, and did some praise dancing and playing my gourd instrument and probably driving my neighbors crazy with all my tony toni tone-ness. then my cousin called and told me to grab my bathing suit - we were going to the beach!!! yay! i had been meaning to get to the beach ALL summer but i just hadn't gotten around to it. next thing i knew i was in the car having a very fruitful discussion with my big cousin about self-love while inhaling the calming scent of the pine barrens that you pass through on the way down the shore.

i acted a complete fool in the water and played with my cousins' kids and talked with my auntie and buried my feet in the sand and flirted with the tide and tasted salt water and ran away from the jellyfish that came in with high tide and basically wore myself out before we even walked the boardwalk and hung out in the arcade and had pizza for dinner. i love that rocking feeling the ocean gives you that sucks you to and from the shore - i love how you can still feel it echoing after you get home and you're in bed waiting for sleep to come. on the boardwalk, i bought some fudge to take home (i don't like salt water taffies) and watched the fireworks. and the pizzeria had the mda telethon on tv. these women of all shapes and sizes were dancing african dances and just inspiring me with all their energy. (i can't wait until i start taking my classes!) i pointed it out to my lil' cousin so she would feel beautiful and know that there's more to dancing than what video hos do.

i was absolutely blissfully exhausted by the time i got home. i was straight chillin all day monday, happy for the extra time off. i polished off an article for a local newspaper that was asking for submissions. writing makes me happy, and i know the more i get a chance to do it, the better i should get at it. then i watched scent of a woman, one of my favorite movies, and hung out with a friend for the rest of the night, watching harlem nights (another one of my favorites) and munching on snacks. i am the queen of rainbow sherbet!!!

i couldn't have been a happier camper when i woke up this morning. what a way to start off the day, the week, the fall, the rest of my life. man, that was a great weekend. i sang and smiled the whole time... shoot, i STILL feel like singing. and humming. and dancing. my neighbors better brace themselves...