Tuesday, September 20, 2005

i want it! i want it! i want it!

i want a new toy. i don't want to wait for it - i've been waiting for it too long already now. this is when it sucks to not have rich family members or a fairy godmother. what sucks is that what i want is relatively inexpensive. it's not that i can't afford it, it's just that bills and other miscellaneous things keep popping up, you know? and i don't want to dip into my savings, either, cause it's just a toy... you wanna know what it is? you are so gonna laugh at me.

i want a digital camera.

that's it. that's all. a digital camera.

i have been wanting a digital camera for at least the past five years now. and in that time, i have rented cars to take road trips, paid sorority dues, gone shopping for work clothes, bought people presents, bought artwork for my apartment - done everything except buckle down and do the research and go get my camera. and i'm tired of this mess. i am going to get my digital camera in the next few weeks - i mean it! i am going to stash a camera fund to the side, and i'm going to look in the sunday papers and i'm going to visit the stores and i am going to get my camera. that way, i can finally start taking pictures of stuff and start having the instant gratification of seeing my handiwork right then and there. and i can play with photoshop (my favorite software program). and i can post my pictures for anyone to see. and i can write poems about them... ooh- or i can take pictures that are about my poems! basically i can be my inner artsy fartsy geek that has been without an outlet for way too long. i am so excited!

by the way, if anyone wants to contribute to the camera fund, hit me up in the comments - the kid is not too proud to take donations, LOL!