Friday, September 09, 2005


i love y'all. i do.

i love your big rock heads and your nappy hair. i love your lopsided grins and your fuzzy eyebrows. i love your eyes. all the sizes and shapes and gazes. DAMN i love me some men. i love being around you. i love thinking about you. i love your shoulder spans and your bootys... i love talking to you, arguing you, debating you, teasing you and being teased by you. i love y'all. i do.

and i appreciate when y'all say hello but i know that you know and you know that i know that hello ain't all you trying to say. i love getting dressed for you - it's often said that women get dressed for other woman. i ain't thinking bout them cows, i'm thinking about you. i want you to see me, dressed down. attractively, not whorish. classy, not desperately. differently from all the other women on the street, all the women in the room. because i want you to notice me and notice that i put time into putting my best face forward to the world and i put thought into how i represent myself because i want you to see and respect me and know that i can - any one of us women can be put together. i smile when i talk to you. i avert my eyes when you make me feel shy. and when i know you're watching, yes sometimes my body moves a lil bit more musically because i love y'all. i do.

i love to hug you. that platonic, but you still a man and i'm still a woman and why you letting go so quick hold on just long enough for me to make you feel like somebody cares hug. i love flirting with my voice. be it strong and assertive or sweet and demure, there is nothing like knowing that when i spoke, you heard me, i can see it in your eyes. i can feel them following me out the door after i have thanked you ever so kindly for going out of your way to open it for me. and like a third grade boy, sometimes you know i care if i'm teasing you. and like a seventh grade girl, sometimes you know i care if i'm ignoring you. and sometimes yeah i'm a tease cause one day you can catch me walking past you with mule blinders on, understated greeting, and brisk pace like i know where i'm going and hell no i'm not stopping for you even though i know i look good and that you only want to tell me so. but most times, oh i'm a peach. i may wrinkle my nose at you when you hold my hand a little too long after the shake, but you know i like it. i may roll my eyes when you tease me, but you know i just want you to do it again. cause you know, i love y'all. i really do.

i like your gators and wingtips and timbs and ones and knockoff ad.idas flip flops with socks. yes i do LOL. i like your oversized polo and khakis. i like your suit and tie. i could kiss that headful of braids. run my fingers through those sumptuous locs. massage the mess outta that caesar. umm umm!!! i love y'all. i really do.

walking past me, smelling all good. making me wanna pick each and every one of y'all from the sexy patch, take you home, and have a little dinner. all your beige, brown and ebony faces show me God's many moods and glories. i look at y'all when you ain't watching, wondering about your stories. checking out your strong hands, thick fingers, short stubby nails that you chopped with the clippers... how did you get here? why are you so amazing? i love y'all. i really do.