Wednesday, August 02, 2006

cabin fever

so i'm loving the changes!

i'm still unpacking.

never underestimate the value of a clean toilet.

thank God for air conditioning, free cable, and wireless laptop connections. i've got time off from working, but it's all being spent in the house, 'cause of the heatwave. i don't mind the heat as long as i'm not in it, and i have stuff to do, which i do.

people talk about moving like they hate it. i like it, though. not the physical labor (especially on 90+ degree days), and not having to ask people to help (i don't usually have to ask anyone for anything and sometimes it's difficult for me). however, there are good things i get from moving. first, my friends are awesome. they moved my things as if they were their own belongings. they battled the heat to help me with no promise of getting anything for their time or energy. and most importantly, they were patient with me during the moments i was frustrated, and they were understanding of the stress i was going through with the move. i already knew my friends were awesome, but on sunday, they just showed out. they are wonderful. i kept them hydrated throughout the day, and fed them afterwards, but i just hope that they know i would do the same for them if they need me...

another good thing from moving is the nostalgic tour i get to go through. sometimes i get so caught up in the moments of this present that i forget who i've been. sometimes i'm so distracted by pressing concerns that i forget who i am. stuff like checking out my books and music, or coming across my high school yearbooks, or my sorority scrapbook... the memories remind me of my journey and how far i've come. and how much i am loving this life, and how much i have to be thankful for, especially given where i am today in knowledge and independence.

as i unpack and fit my stuff into a new space, i wonder about the memories that i'll have when i pack this stuff back up and move on again. though i may be in this city for a long time, this apartment is just a rest stop while i get my hustle on to reach some other dreams i have. moving inspires me. thanks to all for the congratulations and well wishes.

but this heat - oh my gosh! when it's over, i am so getting out of town. it's a good thing i like this place, 'cause i've been up in here for days. viva la beach!!!