Friday, July 28, 2006

from jersey with an r

okay so i'm actually moving my things into the new place this weekend. yay!!!

i have time off next week, too, so i intend to make my place nice and comfortable quickly (i'm not a slow unpacker, 'cause i like to have things just so). i'm looking forward to it! the past month or so, i've felt like a wandering nomad, working in philly but not having a place here, driving back and forth over the bridges, finding free street parking and walking several blocks to get where i'm going, carrying changes of clothes and extra deodorant in a bookbag just in case... it's tiring - it would all take so much time and energy out of my day. and i don't remember the last time i had a home-cooked square meal with vegetables. i haven't been eating right, and i haven't been sleeping right, either.

but with this new place and this time off, i am so very optimistic about next week. i get to just spend some time getting my house in order, literally, and figuratively. after the sccccrrrrrrrd change in direction that i had a few months back, i summoned up the courage to face my fears and be more honest and realistic about my goals. as the weather got hotter, my determination to set out on the right course with my decisions has become more intense. i have ideas and plans on paper for my artistic direction that i'm eager to get rolling. i have financial plans that i've been putting off until the right time - the time is now. i had no idea at my last birthday how much change i would face this year. i'm amazed. and this move is really just a small part of it.

it is sad, though, to go through the apartment i have and disassemble my arranged things that made that space my charming and comfortable home. my walls are bare, my windows have no curtains... those few changes alone have made everything look rather stark and impersonal. but i'm just doing what i have to do to move my stuff from the old to the new. i can arrange things lovingly in my new nest. the next time i blog, i'll be in my new digs. and i can't wait!