Monday, July 17, 2006

good morning

i am thankful for my faith tradition that keeps me out of big trouble and encourages me to take responsibility for my actions and attitudes. i'm thankful that the Creator has given me a heart that desires goodness in all things. i'm thankful to have a job with air conditioning, and for the food and drink i've had to eat and drink this morning. i woke up happy and cared for and i'm thankful for that, too. i'm thankful for honesty and friendship, for long lazy days and good things to read. i'm thankful that there are people who are thankful for me. i'm thankful for prayer. i'm thankful that my grandma and my parents are still healthy and independent and that i still have time to prepare for when they need me. i'm thankful that my children are but thoughts and intentions and that i still have time to prepare for when they have beating hearts and open mouths. i'm thankful for craig's list and monster and blogger and writerblocks and hotmail and haloscan. i'm thankful for forgiveness, the passage of time, and both the persistence and the weakness of memory. i write and i communicate and i articulate and from that i grow and foster others' growth, and for that, i am truly thankful. thankful to be increasing in wisdom and discernment. thankful to have so many constant opportunities to choose to change. i'm thankful for my car. thankful for my financial prudence and knowledge. i am thankful for my dreams. i am thankful for good boo lovin. i am thankful that the true meaning of that sentence remains an enigma to the reader, though it holds much meaning for me. i'm thankful for my body, all its strength, and its excellent design, the persistent breath within, and its beauty. i am thankful for free nights and weekends, and for my mom and dad. and music! and laughter! and fruit! and children! and love! and popsicles! and poetry. and i'm thankful that i understand the importance of appreciating stuff.