Friday, July 07, 2006


so i read the poem. they liked it. i am happy. it goes well with music and theatrics. yay!

lesson of today? sometimes people who suck need to be told that they suck. i was a punk today. i didn't say nothing. and now somebody else (watch my luck, it'll be me) will have to hear that wack-ness again, 'cause i didn't say nothing today. i ain't gon say who sucked. but i'll try to get up the cajones to tell them, personally, the next time i catch them sucking.

and before you get all righteous on me, i guess i'll just have to deal with it if the tables are turned and i suck and somebody has to tell me. shoot, i hope somebody does tell me. so i don't go around oblivious to the flagrant degree of my own suckiness.

and yeah, i know that sucking is relative. what sucks to one may not suck to another. but sometimes, stuff is just a mess. period. an example. william h.un.g. i don't care what anyone says, that dude sucked. he got famous because of how obviously he sucked. if somebody's borderline, i'll give them a pass. but i will not celebrate mediocrity. i will not applaud for that which sucks. and i know i sould judgmental. but tell me truly: don't you wish somebody had stopped vanill.a ic.e before he got too far? mis.s cleo? well, shoot. i do..

the power is in our hands, y'all. i'm just sayin...