Tuesday, August 29, 2006


it is a joy to tell people your dearest friends and loved ones exactly how they make you feel. some of us don't have the opportunity to do that. they're too inhibited to display emotion, 'cause they're too afraid of how they'll be perceived by others. some of us simply can't talk - my grandma could only communicate with her eyes once cancer had made her so ill that talking was just too much. i had to just KNOW that she loved me and that she wanted me to know. some of us have the opportunity to share their feelings but don't take it, 'cause it's just not something that's on their mind to do.

my personal list of people to call/e-mail/write to just keeps getting longer. it's a blame-my-head-not-my-heart tendency of mine, that i suspect i share with many others who've lived in different places, or who have family scattered all over. i mean well but i don't always do well. what can i say - i'm working on it.

this much i do know: there are some people on this planet that do double-time with, 'cause the joy of knowing them, of being known by them, of spending time with them, of sharing aspects of my life with them - it's just amazing and it bubbles up like soda bubbles. i find profound joy in expressing my love and affection for my people. i hope i do it often and well until the day that i die.