Thursday, August 10, 2006


be afraid.

be very afraid.

they're coming to get us and the sky is falling. 'cause uh, we might get blown up. or like, bombed or something. 'cause so-and-so told so-and-so and see, right, they don't like us and they have a plan and they might do something and it would be bad and we could all die and stuff. so ah... we can't take toothpaste on the planes, and um... we have to buy contact lens solution wherever we wind up. or something like that. 'cause that should help us be, uh, safer or something. yeah, that's it. so um, big big alert. be really scared.

whateva man. i ain't got no time for paranoia. too busy living life.

i saw someone on the road today and they had a banner painted at the top of their car windshield: "Jesus is coming soon." it made me think of the guy i learned about on public television who lived centuries before now. he lived in a cave in philadelphia's woods. he was waiting for the second coming of the Messiah. he predicted His arrival. like three times. remember the parable of the talents? where the master goes away and leaves talents (money) with his servants, and two invest the talents but the third just buries it in the ground (to the master's resulting disappointment)?

to me it seems like shivering and watching and waiting and fretting yourself into a paralysis of fear is like burying your talent in the ground.