Thursday, August 31, 2006

write anyway

i'm staring at this blank screen without any inclination to say anything.

but it's important to me to write something in order to stay in some kind of a rhythm. if i get out of a rhythm, that's bad for me. i have to keep writing! i'm trying to run around here, going on stages, reading poetry, writing stuff, creating stories, calling myself some kind of a writer. the least i can do is make the effort to continually write, even if i'm not particularly fond of whatever happens to come out.

i've been told that's very important. i had an informational interview with a local author/singer/filmmaker/public relations manager/all around amazing artist, and she said that it's important for people who write to write continuously. makes sense to me. i know a music producer who can be found making music for no particular reason except for the sake of making it - at any time you may inquire with him to see what's going on in his world. i know another producer who had hundreds of hundreds of beats and melodies in reserve in a computer or two, just because. my favorite basketball player growing up was known for his relentless pursuit of perfection, working out on the court, dribbling and shooting all of the time. a poet friend of mine said a few times that she has more poems that she's not impressed by than poems she's proud of.

i can relate to that. i've been looking at my blogs over the past year, and sometimes i can tell from looking at them which ones i was writing just to have something written, like this one, and which ones were written out a particular passion to have something particularly said. what's interesting is that in retrospect, i don't like the ones where i'm floundering any less than the ones where i have an express purpose. they're alright, of their own merit. i like them in a different way. and at the very least, they kept my momentum going. perhaps i'll be a more prolific and more talented communicator, just because of all of the practice. one cool thing about a blog is that it allows me to write for an audience, and even interact with that audience. that's something that i don't often get as a performance poet or a story writer. and as long as i keep up my momentum here, i won't feel like my time writing, even when i'm seemingly at a loss for words, is a waste.

thanks for reading!