Thursday, August 24, 2006

blessings abound

i'm not even really excited about tonight's feature. wow. i thought i would be by now. and everytime i think i know which pieces i'm definitely doing, i change - even though last week i had a whole list figured out...

it's official, i'm a flake.

but anyway... i spent a couple hours with my mom on the phone last night. i love doing that. i love talking to her about just about everything. i love the cadence of her speech and the sound of her voice. and i love how when we talk, it's like i don't have to miss her 'cause she's right there. i love cooking something and tasting it and thinking that it tastes like my mom's. she is the most important friend i have. my most reliable soundingboard, my most faithful dose of reality, and simultaneously, she is, along with my dad, the best cheering section! without fail, they believe in me. i am so blessed.

money is tight right now, and it had come to affect my attitude lately. i've found myself battling to make sure that i keep my attitude right and keep circumstances in their proper perspective. i was driving to a venue the other night, dressed comfortably, in my car, loving the drive down the side of the schuykill river, rejoicing in the feel of the night air, happy that i was going somewhere to enjoy the artistry of friends... and it just helped to put things right in my mind, and all i could do was thank the Creator from my heart for the life that i have and the decisions that i've made. it's truly a blessing that even with my money being tight, i'm still able to enjoy the life that i have and the provisions that are available to me.