Friday, February 03, 2006

to mothers

i am in awe of what it took for you to go from daughter to mother. epidural or not, lamaze or not, what you did was amazing. you have strength i have yet to understand. you have resolve that i can't put into words. and you are the vessel of a miracle of the Creator - new lives. new manifestations of God's spirit. thank you!

and congratulations to my best friend, who i had the privilege of helping with her delivery of a healthy and beautiful baby boy last night. it was my first time in a delivery room, and i felt blessed to have the opportunity to be there for her and to witness the birth as a cheerleader/stirrup number two (the right leg). i am the first person to ever see her son's face - the first person to see him open his eyes, and the first person to see him open his mouth to gasp for air.

i am humbled and awed at what God can do.

and i feel that much more special to be a woman - to know that my body is capable of being His instrument in such a profound way. i know women have babies every day. but every single time it happens, the Creator is showing off His divine engineering skills.

so everymother, i salute you.