Friday, February 24, 2006


brief today, 'cause i really want you to read wednesday's post, which i know is long and probably got passed over, since it was up virtually at the same time as yesterday's post.

i have got to learn to be able to rein in my passion sometimes. i speak out of turn. i speak before thinking. i'm candid and outspoken when perhaps i should just be quiet. i have a friend whose character and talent i admire. he's got a spirit for his people, for progress, for change. thing is, his mind is always pushing, striving, working - and in his hustle to press toward the mark for the prize for his high calling, sometimes we find ourselves playing catch up just to keep up with him. i found myself telling him to try to understand that we ain't all on the same level and sometimes he has to be patient with the rest of us mere mortals. this, on the same night that i interrupted a few folks and snapped on a beloved friend mydamnself. upon reflection, i realized that i need to take my own advice. rein in my passion sometimes. let people talk, and listen - not for my opportunity to jump in, but for understanding. slow my tongue. think first. understand that our minds aren't all in the same place. get more skilled with the reins and know how to "whoa" when it's time. i know all these things - but there is a difference between having the knowledge and applying. here's to trying to apply it.