Monday, February 13, 2006

las gracias

thank you! thank you all very very much. really, i appreciate this honor. i, uh, *pulling a lil' slip of paper out of my hand to unfold it...* i just wanted to thank some people before the music comes on or they send the sandman out here or something...

first and foremost, i want to thank God and my mama. God, because He is awesome and worthy of praise and i wouldn't have been able to do this without Him. nor would i have needed to do this without Him creating the perfect conditions for a whole heck of a lot of snow. then my mamanem because calling back and forth with them keeps me laughing and inspired while being stuck in the house. plus they raised me right, so i knew better than to panic just 'cause the meteorologists said something big was getting ready to happen. i'd just made groceries on tuesday, so i didn't see a need to wile out at the store. i did, however, have the presence of mind to get my laundry done and get some errands run before packing it in for the rest of the weekend. and on that note, i would like to give a shout out to the two young ladies that made my appearance tonight a little bit better - thank you for taking me as a walk in and scratching the mess out my head when you washed it and then listening to directions and not cutting off any more than the six inches that i asked you to cut off. good service is priceless, especially at the hair shop, and that's why i gave y'all bombing tips, ladies. i'll be back. i also wanna give a shout out to the 6 foot model, wild child, and her backup singers, frik and frak, who kept me entertained enough on friday night so that i felt like i'd packed in enough fun for the whole weekend by the time i got home in the middle of the night. and yo shuffle - thanks for the invite to the party, your friends are cool, even though i wasn't feeling the fire out back - y'all can have that - i don't do standing outside in the dead of winter for the hayle of it, i got too much melanin for that. beautiful flower, for real, you're a riot and a new role model, and frik and frak, thanks for having me by and making me laugh - i love you guys even though i fight hard not to act like i do. yeah, i hear the music - dag, can a sista give her propers?!?! edit me out in the taped delay or something, geez! *talking faster now* frik, i can't cheat on you 'cause we'd have to be together for that, and you know the kid is a free agent right now *wink* - but we need to get working on my theme music - can you play a funky bass line for me? and yo frak, damn them do.ritos and your tempting ways! you make me almost want to be nice to you behind that nacho cheesy mess *smile.* get off me, i ain't finished yet - don't make me take these earrings off and show y'all where i come from! *talking like vaness.a hu.xtable's friend kara* anyway, i really appreciate getting through this stormy weekend, y'all - i'ma get off this mic before i have to hurt somebody, but again, thanks y'all. *blowing kisses as the music gets louder before i haughtily strut off, stage left*