Sunday, February 26, 2006


hi! this is me at the feature. k.b. sent me the pictures, and i am posting them raw, because my photo editor was free and you get what you pay for. i've been photosho.p-deprived ever since my laptop died and i realized that i couldn't find the CD with the installation software... *sigh.*

anyway, apparently, i close my eyes while performing... a lot. 'cause every picture k.b. took of me is an eyes-closed shot - funny, it doesn't seem that my eyes were closed that much... (but i know how hard it is to get good pictures of someone when they're performing, 'cause i tried to do it thursday with a friend of mine, and it was really hard to get a good shot). but i know my eyes were open at some point, especially because of all that eye contact i remember making with the audience. which, by the way, is wonderful! all this time, i'd suspected that i was missing out on some contact with the audience because of my dependence on my raggedy lil' composition notebook. and wouldn't you know i was right? looking into folks' faces while i tell my heart is so much better! but anyway, for now, this is the best i can do... i promise, when i come into my unexpected windfall *snicker* i will buy a supa dupa computer with supa dupa software. 'til then, this is as good as it gets.