Friday, August 12, 2005


salt adds flavor to food. people like it. it's useful. it preserves things. salt has its bad points too. it's harmful in a wound. too much gives folks high blood pressure.

my honesty is like salt. it makes me the breath of fresh air i sometimes am. but it can also simultaneously be a major pain. my oldest and dearest friends know better than to haphazardly ask me what i think or casually ask me for advice. cause i am honest. and opinionated. and comfortable with every aspect of this facet of myself.

i'm not saying i have no tact and discretion. i'm just saying i don't believe in smudging the edges, blurring my opinion, and leaving stuff out to avoid the not-so-pretty things about the truth. and i am unapologetic about it.

sometimes it comes in handy.

"glory, what do you think about this skirt on me?"
"I think you should change it or at least tie a scarf around your behind so we don't all have to see exactly which day-of-the-week drawls you have on today."
"You're right, I didn't see that, thanks, I'll change."

which ultimately makes me closer with friends cause they know I'll never lie just to be nice.

sometimes it pisses people off.

"glory, I am so sick and tired of him fill-in-annoying-thing-he-does-here."
"Have you talked to him about it?"
"How is he supposed to know how much that bothers you if you don't say nothing? Is this how the whole relationship is going to be? He pisses you off, you gulp it down it like a scooby snack, and then complain to me about it until he finally dumps you over something else when you coulda just dumped him now, or at least had a better time of it by being honest earlier on? Shooooot, want ME to call him? I'LL tell him, cause this stuff you telling me, you should be telling him..."

which ultimately makes my friends resent me cause i didn't play the sympathetic role like i was supposed to. i chose the "this is partly your fault too" road, which ain't always what people want to hear.

i do not specialize in what people want to hear. i do not cater to people fishing for reassurance when they ought to know what's up for themselves. i do sympathy sometimes. i do encouragement sometimes. i do compliments, even. but i don't do pity. i don't back people up when i think they're wrong. i don't change my opinion cause of peer pressure or fear. if you want someone to have a weak will or lie to you or support some stupidity, i ain't the one.

to that end, i try my best to not say anything to people unless i'm asked (or unless i have something nice to say.) but if you ask, brace yourself.

shout out to my aggie/owl/homie who's birthday is today - smooches - may the extravaganza be extraordinary, and may you not get drunk and have miscellaneous relations with some chick that you will regret later....