Friday, August 26, 2005

freestyle writing this morning

you have nappy hair.
it is black and brown and red and blonde
it hangs as locks
curls up as twists
it frames your head like pictures of the messiah's halo
as you hello
i mellow
i listen
i gaze
i love the way you say those things
you spit you holla you move you dance you shout
i let your energy arrest me
your questions test me
i answer with all my heart and soul
you see
i am your biggest fan
and man or woman
you take me places dispensing graces
benevolently and generously
you send me from ivory coast
to broad and thomspon 2nd street mount ephraim avenue
you got my head noddin
you got me bangin out beats on tables
you got me thankful for your skills
and i love you
you mirror
you griot
you little sister
you big brother
you family cause we all got the same mother
your breath is my breath
i bleed your blood
your words and thoughts run over me like
water in the flood
my two fish swimming up and down your stream
i dream tasting your yams i dream powered by steam
from your mind
from your voice
which i thank God for
thank you for baptising me
thank you for words that are swords
carving through the ignorance of a clouded reality
serving up slices of all of our commonalities
kiss the mike
make it yours
and give thanks to the Source
thanks for teaching
i've enjoyed your course.

i remain, always,
your biggest fan.