Thursday, August 18, 2005


i neglected to mention that my dear cousins were getting over some illness they got after sitting on an international flight for about 14, 16 hours with gross people. but i mean, they'd had a week to get over it by the time i even came to visit. and i've got a diesel immune system, right?

mm hmm. i have a sinus infection. which may have come from leaving hot virginia for the (only recently) mild jersey. or sleeping in a room with air conditioning, which i usually don't do. or it may have come from my cousins. all i know is that yesterday when i was alternating sleep with hitting snooze on the alarm clock, those little sleep snatches were serious! i would have, like, a whole dream in the space of five minutes and wake up feeling like i had slept all night. that shoulda been my first sign, cause i don't usually sleep that heavy. anyway, by the time i left work yesterday i was a little dizzy, my stomach was acting funny, my post nasal drip was whupping me, and my whole neck and shoulders hurt. *pout*

so i went home and played nurse. i bought some food, cause i don't cook when i'm sick, some orange juice that was on sale that calls itself "immunity defense," and some vic.ks sinus d.ay q.uil. ate, drank, drugged, took a nap. i was a little bored after i woke up, but then i used my warm pack on my muscles. i love my warm pack. it was made by these kids from my hometown (y'all know the one with all the bad press, that was called the most dangerous city in america). anyway, they went to wa.lma.rt and bought fabric and jasmine rice and some essential oils and mixed up the scent with the rice, made little baggies for the rice with the fabric, and created aromatherapy hot/cold bags. little entrepreneurs. they use the money to support their after-school program. i personally feel like they could take some of that space program money and give it to those kids instead of making them be martha stewart for free just to afford an after school program, but that's a whole nother blog entry, and besides that, i'm proud of those babies.

anyway, i feel better today, and i managed to get rid of a lot of this congestion, so hopefully i'll be at 100 percent by tonight. which is important, because i had planned on getting up enough nerve to sing at tonight's open mic, which is something i've never done before. i really want to conquer this fear and do it at least once. i don't like being scared of stuff, so i gotta do this. which is why i brought my vi.cks to work, along with healthy munchies, and my warm pack that i pretend the kids made just for me. i'ma keep on nursing myself until i'm alllll better :-)