Thursday, August 04, 2005

i tagged myself.

10 years ago: 1995. i was in between my first and second boyfriends ever. still holding on tight to that virginity. in the high school drama club, rehearsing for my first musical and discovering that i love acting. that's the year i had my first job and got my first paycheck, too.

5 years ago: 2000. in the midst of the most substantive and passionate relationship i've ever had to this date and was very much in love (but we split ways about 3 years ago - hey, things happen). very much no longer a virgin. very happy to be an independent woman with my first apartment (workin 'bout 3 three jobs). and trying to figure out what to do after college.

1 year ago: finally finished school!!! was swept off my feet by an attractive, wonderfully intelligent and affectionate man and was looking forward to giving him the best that i got (but this one didn't last long - hey, things happen). working my first full-time-i'm-out-of-school-for-real-this-time-job. with another part time retail job on the side. saving money to move back up north so i can get a life.

Today: single but okay with it. for now. working my second out-of-school-for-real-this-time-job. all that work paid off cause i'm back up north and happy to be here and have a life. writing more poetry than ever before. realizing that whether or not i ever grab another open mic (but i know the actress in me will) or if i ever publish my writing (which is still up in the air), or anyone ever feels that i have a talent, i will be writing until the day i die. and discovering new ways to vent my creativity and feed my thirst for knowledge, until the day i die.

Tomorrow: i'own know. sposed to be going to hear Kindred's listening party with my homegirl from college.

5 snacks I enjoy: breyers strawberry ice cream, oatmeal raisin cookies, banana chips, yum-yums (for the clueless, that would be a water icee), apple pie

5 Bands/Groups/Singers I know most of the lyrics of most of their songs: fertile ground, erykah badu, jill scott, tony toni tone, mary j.

5 Things I’d do with 100,000,000: sow into God's faith community, get out of debt, take care of my parents' and grandma's comfortable retirements, invest in myself and the hood i came from, and hook myself up with miscellaneous goodies

5 locations I’d like to runaway to: miami's south beach, meditterranean beaches, caribbean beaches, a peaceful place in west africa where i can learn my rightful culture and history, and my yet unknown husband's embrace

5 bad habits I have: procrastination, being too bluntly honest without compromising my words for the sake of peace, saying i'll do something with the best of intentions and forgetting to do it, forgetting to be more cautious with my expectations of others, using profanity

5 things I like doing: singing, writing, conversing, eating, and sex

5 things I would never wear: never say never...

5 TV shows I like: cosby show, roseanne, hell's kitchen, um... smallville, and um... (had to think about it, i don't like tv that much anymore)... sweetheart, my darling (it's a korean soap opera with english subtitles - don't sleep, this is actually good.)

5 movies I like: do the right thing, harlem nights, brown sugar, the matrix, what's love got to do with it

5 famous people I’d like to meet: maya angelou, barbara walters, paule marshall (author), barack obama, spike lee

5 biggest joys at the moment: liking something i've written, hitting the note perfectly on a song i sing along to, getting my food "spot on" delicious, not dropping the ball on these bills, and knowing that the moment i meet him is closer to me now than it was yesterday

5 people to tag: nope. i ain't the one. if you wanna do this, cut and paste. lol