Thursday, May 18, 2006

would you?

do you like your life? really? really?

if there was something you could change, would you change it?

if given the opportunity to change it, would you change it?

even if it was scary? unpredictable? a gamble? contrary to convention? contrary to popular opinion? would you? really?

if you could do ANYTHING you wanted to do... ANYTHING... would you? would you work for it? go crazy for it? go broke for it? lose the people you're closest to? put your religion on the spot and dare it to perform? would you?

do you really live what you espouse to believe?

better yet, do you believe? what do you believe? how do you know you believe it? 'cause you say so? is that enough?


who are you living for?
what are you living for?

i almost turned the comments off on this thread... but i don't want to force a rhetorical bend onto these questions - these questions are real.