Saturday, May 05, 2007

worry subsided

sometimes all you need to hear are the words of a loved one affirming your faith.

i didn't even tell my mom's sister what went on yesterday. she had called me earlier, and i was returning her call. we hadn't spoken in a while and she asked how i was doing. i told her i was doing fine, trying to do what i am supposed to be doing. she said that she was too. there was something about what she said that just triggered the thought - i need to be relying on my Creator more and not relying so much on myself - and i told my aunt so.

she ministered so simply, so lovingly, yet so convincingly, not to worry and to know that i will be just fine - that when i feel like i can't handle something, i need sometimes to just go home, be still, and ask for Help. it was as if she'd read my blog (even though she doesn't know this blog exists). her advice was so very simple, and we weren't even on the phone for very long, but it was just the welcome absolution i needed at just the right time. He is so good.