Monday, April 10, 2006

and i wasn't even drunk...

i was conjugating "fleetingly":

gotta strip it down first.
well first, take off the -ly, which made it an adverb.
then take off the -ing, which made it a gerund.

ok here we go.

i fleet
you fleet
he/she/it fleets
we fleet
you all fleet
they fleet

wait a minute. fleet ain't no verb. isn't the correct infinitive flee? as in, "to flee."
well then, where in the hayle did fleet come from?
you know, fleeting and fleetingly are an adjective and an adverb, respectively. and uh, fleet is a noun.

dayum. i just conjugated half of an adjective. da hayle??? you can't conjugate an adjective!
dayum. i just conjugated a noun.
dayum. i took honors/ap english, too.
dayum. and for those of you who didn't catch that mess from line one, shame on you, too.
dayum. you know what's messed up? just now, while i was writing this, i looked it up online.

fleet is a verb!!! i get some genius points back... but not all of them. 'cause i actually bought that "fleet ain't no verb" foolishness.

dayum shame.
blame it on the -itis. and don't ask why i was trying to conjugate it, 'cause i don't remember, 'cause i had the -itis at the time. y'all know the -itis don't play.

let's just say it's almost as funny as the time i was sitting in a folding chair at the HEAT with my feet propped up on this other folding chair... and i wobbled... and fell... in front of everybody... and the friend who was talking to me just instinctively backed away so as not to be associated with my clumsiness... even though i maintain that it was his partly his fault that i fell... and then my homie frak helped me out of my moment of embarrassment...

wow. true stories, folks.

and i wasn't even drunk...

and y'all wonder why i don't drink.