Thursday, November 15, 2012

this mic still on?

i just thought about my old blog and how many memories are in it, and wondered if it still existed.  somehow i remembered the address and typed it in.  what do you know?  it's still here.  it's still beautiful.

i'm still here, trying to live beautifully.

married homeowner with a child.  yes, a beautiful daughter.  my life is a whole nother something now.  it's so different.  i'm tempted to read through it, to get to know the me that i was seven years ago when i started this thing.  but i don't have time to reacquaint myself with who i was, when who i am now is primary teacher to an inquisitive and spunky infant.

i don't know if i'm coming back here, but some wistful part of me wants to pick up where i left off, talking about my politics, my spirituality, my new adventures as a mama.

we'll see.

either way, it's nice to know my words are still here like graffiti on a wall.  glory was here.  i write (wrote), therefore i am (was).