Tuesday, July 15, 2008

joyful joyful

i am making a concerted effort to be more joyful. to see the brightside. to take more deep breaths. to enjoy the sun rays.

precious few of us are joyful all the time for seemingly no reason. many of us have gotten so wrapped up in certain details of life that we need to prioritize having the experience of joy.

i realized in the past few weeks that i'd gotten off track. life really is what you make it in many ways. i've had so much on my mind. i haven't made the effort to live in the moment. i'm trying to do that now. i am so very, very blessed. i am trying to walk in that blessing.

thanks to a friend of mine who gave me a little wake up call, the Content Black Woman who is being more mindful of how destructive complaining can be, my desire to be a better partner for my beloved, and a nostalgia for the woman i remember i was before i got off track, i am being more mindful of the choices i make. i'm paying more attention to the thoughts that i choose to express and why. i'm taking my time waking up and starting the day because i find that my day goes better when i don't bombard myself with life's demands all at once. i'm attempting to eat better because my conscience is eased when i do so. i'm working on keeping up those connections with family and old friends, because those kinds of relationships make life sweet. i'm paying more attention to the health of my plants. i'm trying to live my life more abundantly.

God and i have a lot of talking to do.