Tuesday, April 15, 2008

on november

I really do think that if things continue at this clip that John McCain will handily win the November election.

Just because people support Obama doesn't mean they're blind or stupid or something is wrong with them.

Just because people support Clinton doesn't mean they are sell outs or Uncle Toms.

I personally think that reasonable minds can differ on this. And what troubles me is that so many people are so venomous and petty that there may be no hope of getting the White House back from the Republicans, because half of the Democrats will be so busy bitching that they will lose sight of the ultimate goal.

It is absolutely disappointing to see how people are regarding each other as these two candidates go at it. A spiraling pit of stankness, leading to Democratic defeat in November. All McCain has to do is sit back and watch as half the Democrats either refuse to vote or vote for him, and laugh his ass off. A sad sorry shame.