Tuesday, June 05, 2007

get hungry

how much do you really want it?

are you willing to get up in the morning before the sun can be seen high in the sky? are you willing to open your heavy eyelids one more time to put in that much more effort before you catch what sleep you can?

truth is, you don't deserve it. at least not for free. not sweat-less. you can claim whatever you want in the name of the anchor of your faith. you can light candles and incense. kneel on your knees until they become unaccustomed to anything like standing on your own two feet, but i assure you that unless you use the gifts you've already been given, you won't get any closer to it. you can visualize and chant, stick pictures on your refrigerator, tell your friends and family - anyone in the world who will listen - but for all your daydreaming and positive thinking, bell ringing and posturing, anything less than putting in the work will not do it for you.

please, do dream. please, do imagine.

please don't just stop there.

for all the energy that you could expend worrying about your ability, worrying about how much you don't know, worrying about the possible pitfalls, worrying about every matter your idling mind could allow to trouble you, you could be getting busy boning up on the knowledge you need, practicing for the experience you need, preparing and clearing the way so you will have the elbow room to get the thing done. you don't need the prayer for magic. you need the prayer to support you mentally and spiritually as you put in your part of the work. you need the prayer for focus so you can rely on the wisdom and strength of the World's Most Successful Ally, instead of being distracted by the world's ever common doubters and detractors.

every article you read and story you hear that inspires you doesn't have to be a mere inspiration - it depends on whether or not you make it a catalyst. why not you? you can achieve the very same thing or even something better. never mind that you've thought that nothing extraordinary has happened to you or will happen to you - it is ordinary thinking like that which makes the extraordinary elude your grasp, if in fact, you have even made the effort to reach out and grab for it. if you haven't yet, you have a choice. you can reach - really truly extend yourself with the belief that your effort is not for naught. or you can go with what you know, catch your extra zzz's, and make yourself comfortable, because where ever you are right now is where ever you will be until you decide you really want it.