Thursday, July 28, 2005


i write because i need to spill words out onto stuff or i get constipated with thoughts and feelings and then i can't tell if i am feeling good or bad cause with all the words mixed up it's hard to tell one from the other and as soon as i start articulating what's going on with me

with that said, i don't have to make sense or be funny or insightful or poetic or wise or even interesting.

but sometimes i will be.

i am young, black, female, independent, opinionated, and almost fearless, which is something that i'm striving for. i have an aversion to unnecessary capitalization. i don't know what i want to do when i grow up. i refuse to accept the reality that i am already grown up and that what i am doing doesn't speak to my soul and inspire me. i like italian food and am learning how to expand my cooking menu to include more of it. i'm not a strong swimmer. i don' t drink. i like a variety of music. my favorite ice cream is breyers strawberry. i have no pets. and my favorite colors are shades of purple and shades of orange.

now that all the formalities and answers to annoying email forwards are out of the way...